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The GreenMaps Group provides Business Financial Consulting and works as a financial advisory center with a mission to empower small business owners to develop, manage, and sustain their economic viability. GreenMaps Business Financial Consulting is for startups, Sole proprietors, and those thinking about starting a business. We help determine the best business entity type for your small business that will provide the most tax benefit. We also provide Tax Planning Services that best meet your business needs. Our principal purpose is to help individuals and business owners create generational wealth and achieve their financial aims. We provide experts who will assess the financial needs of every individual client and help them make decisions about their financial investments, wills, insurance, tax, and so on.

We have recently added our Digital Marketing Solutions division because we realized smal business will need assistance in transitioning the 4th technological age. Big business is already thriving using new Tech and AI.  

The World of GreenMaps is here to provide outlet prices for SaaS products. GreenMaps Digital Marketing Solutions will help your business adapt to conversational marketing with our partners, Get Da Bag Bot, our AI Chatbot. Additional conversational marketing products powered by gmdm.solutions is our QuizzyFunnels. Generate quizzes to engage with potential customers. Launch from your Facebook messenger or load the code into your website. Video Marketing is another lastest trend. Digital Marketing Video Architect is a Do it yourself Video Ad Creator. Create Video Ads, Intros/Outros with your logo, Facebook Covers, Videos for your IG Stories or your TikTok in three simple steps. 

1. View our templates

2. Upload your Logo and Brand

3. Click render - your video will be

Have multiple videos you want to combine, gmdm.solutions has the software take care of that for you at outlet prices!

To benefit from our services or make further inquiries, please visit, send us an email via [email protected] or book a spot on our calendar.   

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